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Why every fisherman needs The Lure Jacket:

Have you ever carried or tried to store multiple rigged fishing rods only to have the lures tangle with each other, creating a mess and giving you a severe headache?  Maybe you were out fishing or working in the garage and grabbed a rod with an attached lure, only to have a hook (or several hooks) cut into your hand?  Ouch!!  Sharp fishing hooks don't play well with children, boat seats, ropes, carpeting or pets either! 

Get some Lure Jackets today to help prevent a painful accident from happening tomorrow! 

You may have thought you solved those issues after you bought marine fabric lure covers, but this caused a new problem; They were not see-through so you forgot what lure was on the rod?  The Lure Jacket solves all of those issues. Store and carry multiple rigged rods; Fish with a reduced risk of cutting yourself or your boat seats and; See the lure that's on your rod while you and the lure is protected! 

Finally, a solution that's practical and inexpensive!