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The New "Diver Jacket" Secures Dipsy Divers; 2-Pack Blue or Black

The Lure Jacket

Regular price $9.99

Captains will save time for fishing securing your divers rather than having to disassemble before heading in after your next trip!  Triple-stitched slit allows the Diver fin to slip through to easily secure to the rod.  These jackets protect your boat and rods from having the Divers crashing about while you hit the waves!

Fits the largest Dipsy Divers (Size #3) and thus the smaller ones too! Designed by fishermen for fishermen! Marine grade PVC + strong .75" hook & loop fasteners (like Velcro). See through so you know what's tied to your line! 90 Day Warranty, Patent Pending design. Available in 2 Black / or 2 Blue. Diver Jackets measure 8.25"L x 13"W when open and 8.25"L x 6.5"W when closed over a rod and Diver.