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The "Angler" 5-Packs with 5 Color Options, 8"W X 8"L, lure wraps

The Lure Jacket

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8"L x 8"W open; (8"L x 4"W closed) - Clear PVC vinyl with sewn hook & loop (comparable to Velcro) fasteners in various colors sold as a convenient 5-pack. Water resistant, tough & durable, perfect for any fisherman's tackle box!  See-through design so you can see what's on your line!

Simply fold over the rod & lure to secure it to safeguard children, pets, boat rope, your boat cushions, boat and vehicle carpeting and more from sharp hooks! Leave your rods rigged and ready on the boat deck carpet without worrying about tangles or stepping on hooks!  Economical compared to other brands! Protects lures and their users! 

Enabling fishermen to carry or store multiple rods together without tangles or having to remove lures for storage; say goodbye to holes in your boat seats too! Ideal for most Bass, Walleye and other common lures. 90-DayLimited Warranty too!  (Lure not included).